Our Vision

Education makes a difference.


We at Rise Above have identified a problem, and have decided that we can make a difference in our community by working to solve that problem. As a result, we are committed to this work as long as the problem persists.

We are run by a small but dedicated army of volunteers because we believe our generous donors want their hard-earned dollars going towards solutions, not salaries.

We offer meaningful assistance, rather than just assistance. In our early days, a well-meaning individual suggested that we offer ten $300 bursaries instead of one $3,000 bursary, “to help more people”. We decided, however, that $300 to ten individuals won’t have the same long-term effect that $3,000 to one individual will. A $300 bursary will never be the difference between being able to attend school, or not being able to attend school… but a $3,000 bursary might.

We are limited only by the donations we bring in. If we bring in enough money for two bursaries, we’ll offer two bursaries. If we bring in enough for ten bursaries, we’ll offer ten bursaries. We don’t carry large balances in the bank from year to year, meaning we have to tackle each new year with the same passion and creativity as the year before.

Your donations stay local. We are a Manitoba-based organization and your donations support students right here in Manitoba.

It is true that there will always be people who are disadvantaged in some way. That doesn’t mean any one of us has the right to throw up our hands in defeat and say, “it has always been this way, and it will always be this way, and therefore I’m free from the responsibility of trying to change it”.

If you would like to partner with us, please consider attending one of our events, supporting us as a volunteer, or donating towards our bursaries.